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Beach Hut Interviews

Two writers and publishers hole up in a funky third world beer bar thrown together from drift wood and palm timber. Stocked up with imported booze and local produce John Daysh and James Newman watch the waves lazily roll in while they shoot the breeze with creative types passing through….

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The Nun with the P

THE NUN WITH THE POLAROID CAMERA SHORT PULP NOIR FICTION 1,000 WORDS BY JAMES A. NEWMAN     DAD’S CAR could take no more. Slam the V6 round 90 degrees into main-street, the traffic cop a memory now, stewing in his stomach acids, slumped by the zebra crossing, his shirt and face covered in blood,Continue Reading

zombie triple authors chew the fat undead…

JIM’S HUT, a rude construction nailed together from palm timber and corrugated iron. A well-stocked bar and a floor covered with cushions, ashtrays, and old pulp dime store titles piled, Ace double backs, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales. A three-legged beach dog with terminal dermatitis sits beneath a hammock where JOHN BRUNI rests. JAMES NEWMAN fusses behind the bar while JASON BEECH flicks through the aforementioned pulp titles. Jim’s business partner JOHN DAYSH is out by the bay gathering crabs.
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Interview with Thai Private Eye Warren Olson

FOR OUR FIRST Spanking Pulp interview we caught up with Thailand Private Detective Warren Olson. Olson shot to international fame after releasing Confessions of a Thailand Private Eye with bestselling international thriller writer Stephen Leather. Copies flew from the shelves and Olson went on to publish Thai Private Eye in 2008. Since then Olson hasContinue Reading