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Dave Bates


His name is Tyler Stone. With a name like that there was only one occupation for Tyler – a wall and floor tiler, ceramics, porcelain, marble, slate, travertine and natural stone. If he had a nickname “natural” would be it. The name could be worse, what about: Wayne Kerr and Wayne King? Master Bates and Paul Plunkett? Tyler’s wife went back to work full time, leaving him to stay at home and look after the two kids and at the same time trying to start his own wall and floor tiling business. He wrote a diary about it. It goes something like this: “Flicking through the channels while watching the T.V. with the kids, we come across an old black and white war film .The Longest Day, it’s a classic. I tell the kids that in the old days, that’s what the world used to look like ‘All black and white’ I say, ‘They called them the black and white days, there was no colour the grass was black and the sky was white. They actually fell for it, the fools. At least they’re going to grow up believing in a brighter future….”

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Jason Beech

Jason Beech

Jason Beech lives with his wife and daughter in New Jersey. As a kid he once stole a mushroom from a corner shop. The owner’s dog followed him all the way home, making him walk about a mile’s diversion from where he lived to shake the damn thing off. Otherwise, he’s a law-abiding citizen who loves crime fiction. His work can be found at Shotgun Honey and The Flash Fiction Offensive. He structurally edited Monica Kaushik’s Maya & the Butterfly, and her soon-published Warriors of the Darkness. Author Page: Twitter: @beech_jason Blog: Interview Links:

Henry Brasater

PLUM2GHenry Brasater served with the United States Army Security Agency in Asmara, Eritrea. As a civilian he was a radio-television newsman before going into academia. Brasater’s Ph.D. is in Rhetoric & Public Address. He has taught at various colleges and universities, including Cairo University as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer.Brasater’s stories are published in ezines, print anthologies and magazines. His published novel is: Upheaval, Spanking Pulp Press. A nonfiction book, A. E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy’s Icon, is available from Booklocker.

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John Bruni

Digital CameraJOHN BRUNI is the author of the crime novel, STRIP, and a collection of short stories called TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE. His work has appeared in many publications, most notably in VILE THINGS from Comet Press, A HACKED-UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE from Pill Hill and ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! BRAIN BANG! from StrangeHouse Books. He lives in Elmhurst, IL, and he can be found at, as well as Please follow him on Twitter @tusitalabruni. 

John Daysh

 JohnJohn Daysh, co-founder and chief editor of Spanking Pulp Press is a semi-reformed degenerate who is getting better at blending in. He loves cold beer Chang, marmite on toast, reclining armchairs, doggy-paddle, sneezing fits and languidly stroking his imaginary pet giraffe, George.

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Dave Eisenstark


DAVE EISENSTARK is a full-time screenwriter who wrote the award-winning comedy MONKEY LOVE (starring Jeremy Renner) and the horror classic CREEPOZOIDS. This is his debut novel.

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James Austin Farrell

JAMES AUSTIN FARRELL was born and bred in Yorkshire, and has since worked as a journalist and editor in South East Asia. The author has written numerous stories for literary magazines. His interests include the French novelist Celine, international politics, mountain-biking, and Japanese Bug Fights. His Angry Birds is not only a great psychological thriller but also an important work of social commentary that has remained in the Amazon Kidnapping charts since its release in July 2013.

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Dick Holzhaus

Born 1952 in The Netherlands Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts 1969 >1974 Advertising career with International Agencies 1974 > 1983 My own creative agency 1983 > 1998 Founder of Car of the Century Election 1998 > 2000 Writer and Concept Creator 2000 > to date. Columnist for oldest Dutch daily during the nineties. Published novel ‘Vuile Was’ (Dirty Laundry) in 2005 Published novel Metaphors of Death in 2014 With Spanking Pulp Press Passions: Writing, fine arts. Heroes: Louis Ferdinand Céline, Vladimir Nabokov, Malcom Lowry, B. Traven, Charles Bukowski, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Charles Hemingway, Albert Camus.

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Alasdair McLeod

alisdair Having grown up on the coast of rural Scotland, Alasdair McLeod is a connoisseur of remote places. During ocean voyages by yacht and solo expeditions to wilderness areas he has drawn on his experiences to craft poems and stories. In the evenings he might be found snooping from one event to the next with his camera and press pass in tow. Though he works among some of the world’s great urban sprawls he hears the call of the wild every day. 

Todd Morr

me and my guitar

UPON GRADUATING from Adams State College with a degree in fine art Todd Morr decided if he was going to be a starving artist, he preferred playing music and writing. He lives in Oceanside, California with his wife and children, where he plays and teaches guitar. He has had short stories published in Out of the Gutter 8, Out of the Gutter Online, The Big Adios, and Death Throes Webzine. Jesus saves, Satan Invests is his second novel. He can be contacted on twitter at @ToddMorr1.

James A. Newman

james newman author picJAMES A. NEWMAN has sold Pulp Fiction stories and novels to publications all over the proverbial shop. The co-founder of Spanking Pulp Press he is most well known for his Joe Dylan detective series the latest of which caused a stir in the Amazon crime Noir charts and has attracted the attention of many of his peers. His work mixes the strangeness of William Burroughs with the realism of Charles Bukowski and the gritty street observations of the early pulp detective writers.

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Warren Olson

OLSON BECAME the first Westerner to manage a major Hotel in Thailand’s vast North-east region when he took over at the Tarin Hotel in Surin, near the Thai –Cambodian border early in the 1990’s. He soon built up a range of contacts along with becoming fluent in the local dialects. He established a fledgling investigation company that over the ensuing decade built up a reputation for getting results. This was not so much due to any law enforcement training, but more his ability to sit in up-country homes, eat grasshoppers, drink rice whiskey and converse with the locals in their own language. Following the birth of his daughter, having by that time dodged a few bullets Olson decided to repatriate to his native New Zealand. He completed a Masters degree in Strategic Studies at Victoria University and wrote an award winning research paper on the Investigative Interviewing of Asians. Today he lectures in that area, along with managing his young daughter’s highly successful football team.

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Dave Phillips

DAVE PHILLIPS was born and raised in the state of Iowa where he graduated early from high school and went into the Marine Corps at aged 17. After 13 years he came back home and started working for the Postal Service. The Phoenix Rises was a initially a movie script that was converted to a book for Spanking Pulp Press.

Eric Stoveken

ERIC STOVEKENERIC STOVEKEN has operated forklifts, deep fryers, and roller coasters. He has hosted his own radio show and officiated other people’s weddings. He has sold cars, windows, insurance, and cheese. He founded and edited a literary broadsheet and choreographed stage combat for renaissance faires. He has never, to the best of his knowledge, killed anyone. Ultimately, he is an author of strange and unusual tales. He writes across multiple media in a variety of styles. He also takes requests.

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Marc Sorondo

marcMarc Sorondo lives with his wife and children in New York. He loves to read, and his interests range from fiction to comic books, physics to history, oceanography to cryptozoology, and just about everything in between. He’s a long time student and occasional teacher. For more information, go to

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Philip Wiley

phil authorPHILIP WILLEY was born in England in 1941. He had a confusing childhood that led to a confusing adolescence. After leaving school he worked in a bank before becoming a middle-class English beatnik. In the early sixties he hitchhiked around Europe and ended up in India. When he got back to London it was swinging. He became involved in the Pop world and the underground press. He has since written for numerous publications and published several books including one on William Burroughs (illustrated by Lyle Schultz) and one on John Lennon. Nowadays he lives quietly on a small farm on Vancouver Island writing the occasional art review and working on his memoirs.

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