Birds Angry


DEEPLY troubled schoolboy Henry Flick (Flicko) keeps losing his lunch money gambling on the game Angry Birds with the only rich kid in class, Jamie Lloyd. Flicko would ordinarily just beat him up but Lloyd’s dad has recently died in Afghanistan. Flicko, with his best mate Cal, devise a plan to take their revenge another more sinister way.

THEIR teacher, a lonely idealist, Mr. Smith, not only thinks he should protect his students from addiction to ruinous games, but save them from a life plagued by unemployment, alcohol, and violence. When Filcko’s brother, the newly crowned EDL top-boy and self-confessed psycho, becomes embroiled in the plan, Mr. Smith and his students are compelled to bring a very dangerous game to its conclusion.


ANGRY BIRDS is an urban psychological thriller written by an emerging literary talent with a keen eye and deep sense of empathy for the dilemmas that haunt modern British society.

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What does James Austin Farrell give the reader? He gives us dysfunction but it functions perfectly on the written page. He shows us inequity and everything bad that goes with it: resentment; envy; anger; hatred and violence. He breaks down violence and we understand how it escalates. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the computer game Angry Birds does feature prominently, but only brilliantly. The commentary on social media alone is worth the price of this book, which has the potential to break out of an ever increasing pack and be a surprise hit in 2013 and beyond if it gets the proper publicity. Old school publicity, for the deserving, not new school tweeting for anyone with a smart phone. – People Things and Literature

James Austin Farrell

JAMES AUSTIN FARRELL was born and bred in Yorkshire, and has since worked as a journalist and editor in South East Asia. The author has written numerous stories for literary magazines. His interests include the French novelist Celine, international politics, spiders, and Japanese Bug Fights.

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