DAVID HUNTER understands intelligence in a way no one else can grasp. He has created life…only to see it caged. His life is his work, and his work is Aurora. Ethan Alexander had been a military man, but now he’s involved in something even bigger. He’s seen the ultimate weapon…seen it ruined by its creators. His life is his work, and his work is war. Dr. Sophia Grace is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She dedicated herself to studying the intricacies of the human mind…but now she’s been hired to work with something else entirely. Her life is her work, and her work is unlocking secrets.


AURORA is a mystery even to her creator. She cannot be duplicated nor can she be controlled. Aurora’s life has not yet truly begun, but it is about to. 
There are strange things in the sky over Groom Lake. Black triangles and hovering disks and rockets that fly faster than any craft known to exist. There are stranger things, things hidden even from the workers at Groom Lake. There is Aurora…the ultimate secret.



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Sorondo has an amazing ability to write comfortably in seemingly any genre, and while I’ve worked with him primarily in the horror genre, this little piece of sci-fi brilliance had me from the beginning and didn’t let go until the end. There are some pleasant hints of the speculative fiction of the late Michael Crichton in this, but beneath the science is Sorondo’s deep connection with his characters, his love for his characters–good and bad–that makes his writing so good.

‘Aurora’ is sci-fi, spec-fic, and a little romance all in one package, from a writer who has done his homework and whose name I truly believe deserves to become a household one in popular fiction. – Geoffrey K. Liu

Marc Sorondo

Marc Sorondo lives with his wife and children in New York. He loves to read, and his interests range from fiction to comic books, physics to history, oceanography to cryptozoology, and just about everything in between. He's a long time student and occasional teacher. For more information, go to

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