Battleship Run – The Phoenix Rises

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The year 2039 Russians and Iranians control all of the middle east oil supply while the 5th fleet stands by in the Persian gulf acting as a blockade to any departing ships. Something of immense power vaporizes the entire fleet, dealing a major blow to the United States, and what was state of the art warships.

With modern electronics rendered useless against this weapon, an ancient warship is plated with the remains from a collapsed star.

Joined by 5 robots and a gyroscope with a female entity trapped inside it’s spinning environment, the heavily armed battleship will go alone to seek out and destroy the weapon that could end our world, and the world of the female entity.

The Battleship Runs….


Dave Phillips

DAVE PHILLIPS was born and raised in the state of Iowa where he graduated early from high school and went into the Marine Corps at aged 17. After 13 years he came back home and started working for the Postal Service. The Phoenix Rises was a initially a movie script that was converted to a book for Spanking Pulp Press.

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