Cut out the Middleman


NICK ONLY planned on being in Thailand for a week. But a week later he is running a beach bar, selling drugs to tourists, falling out with the police, falling in love with a hot blonde, and dueling with an out-of-control, drug lord.


CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN follows Nick’s descent into the illicit underworld of beach life and the dysfunctional characters who operate beneath the thin veneer of paradise islands and follows the narrator to London and beyond.

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Nick finds himself in a new world. A world where police sniffer dogs nuzzle your crutch and men dressed as women sit at bars and try to entice the unaware into their worlds. A world of beautiful beaches, sunsets, pert semi-naked Swedish backpackers, and endless, endless, herbal cigarettes…

John Daysh

John Daysh, co-founder and chief editor of Spanking Pulp Press is a semi-reformed degenerate who is getting better at blending in. He loves cold beer Chang, marmite on toast, reclining armchairs, doggy-paddle, sneezing fits and languidly stroking his imaginary pet giraffe, George.

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