Legends of the sexually armed insurrection



VIOLA CHALFONT is an androgynous, omnisexual pantheist with a congenitally enlarged psychic clitoris. Dr. Fernando Schwartz is a brilliant but disgraced and drug-addled plastic surgeon whose greatest accomplishments involve transforming porn stars into reasonable facsimiles of celebrities and historical figures.


BERT O. LUCCI, is a smut auteur renowned for making some of the weirdest and most extreme parody porn on the market. Zebediah is the imaginary wizard that lives in Bert’s head.


WHEN THEY come together in a bizarro version of Los Angeles to create Bert’s latest epic, Shaved Guevara, none of them can anticipate that they are inciting a very real and deadly sex worker revolution…



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ERIC STOVEKEN is a writer of strange and unusual tales. From his secret lair, he dispatches novellas, short stories, screenplays, and more…


 “The writing on a sentence level is compelling and draws one in. Stoveken is a writer’s writer with enormous talent and ability. This is not the work of a first time author. This bizarre tale is the work by one who has slaved over his craft for many years and has as a result come up with this unique piece of fiction.” – James A. Newman 

Eric Stoveken

ERIC STOVEKEN has operated forklifts, deep fryers, and roller coasters. He has hosted his own radio show and officiated other people's weddings. He has sold cars, windows, insurance, and cheese. He founded and edited a literary broadsheet and choreographed stage combat for renaissance faires. He has never, to the best of his knowledge, killed anyone. Ultimately, he is an author of strange and unusual tales. He writes across multiple media in a variety of styles. He also takes requests.

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