Red Night Zone


MONICA WANTS to be loved like all the other pretty girls in Bangkok. But sometimes getting what you want isn’t healthy. Her body is discovered decapitated in her cold-water apartment room. A case holding an ancient black magic spell is missing from the scene.


JOE DYLAN ventures into the Bangkok City bars. The detective follows a trail leading to the Demon Dreams, a Bangkok S&M joint run by a beautiful transsexual and her mentally deranged brother. Joe discovers a world of bizarre nocturnal acts and black magic rituals. A seedy Bangkok underworld that picks-up fallen women from the streets and throws them into an evil world of torture and murder.


Step into the RED NIGHT ZONE – BANGKOK CITY – the sequel to Newman’s neo-noir pulp thriller BANGKOK EXPRESS. 




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Red Night Zone is a voyeuristic pulp fiction that’s always on the verge of dissolving into madness but keeps it together. Newman is a literary risk taker. He gambles hard with his storyline and subject matter like a strung out Vegas junkie betting his wedding ring and bus ticket back home. There’s a dread looming over him, but he manages to say something funny about the way people die. Newman’s style is morbidly funny with a clean prose that reminds me of Stephen King. His journalistic portrayal of Bangkok and his insider knowledge of everything weird is homage to Hunter Thompson’s gonzo journalism. – Blubber Island

James A. Newman

JAMES A. NEWMAN has published over fifty short stories in various publications all over the world; most recently for Big Pulp Magazine. He has been included in many anthologies. His novel BANGKOK EXPRESS appeared in 2010. The sequel RED NIGHT ZONE was published shortly after. In 2013 THE WHITE FLAMINGO hit the top of the Amazon crime noir charts. He is the co-founder of SPANKING PULP PRESS and juggles editing acquisitions alongside writing his own dark fiction on a portable type-writer.

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