Video Killer


WANNABE MUSIC-VIDEO director Johnny Tone believes his next-door neighbor, Laura Causely – beautiful, suicidal, and just released from a mental institution — is his ticket to Hollywood.


ONCE A professional dancer, Laura had the moves Johnny craved, and for her part, she’s convinced he could rescue her from her controlling sister, good-for-nothing brother-in-law, and the demons that scream in her head.


LAURA IS not the first pretty young thing to fall under Johnny’s spell. What happened to those old flames was a secret horror but she had her own bloody past to obliterate.


ONLY ONE of them can survive.


WHO WINS in a fair fight, the psychopath or the sociopath?

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The perfect book for all of us co-dependent junkies searching for the perfect fix that ends in disaster . The author cleverly entwines a wonderfully glib 21st century sardonic sense of humor into a skillfully written and very amusing novel. Being a fan of his screen plays…(“Monkey Love” and “The Wednesday Night Save the World Social Club”) I am not disappointed in his first novel I look forward to the next one. – Amazon

Dave Eisenstark

DAVE EISENSTARK is a full-time screenwriter who wrote the award-winning comedy MONKEY LOVE (starring Jeremy Renner) and the horror classic CREEPOZOIDS. His novel THE VIDEO KILLER is sure to be the first of many. Visit the author at:

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