Spanking Pulp Newsletter January 2014

Things have been moving warp speed with SPP. We’ve just employed a website designer and promoter – so we are moving forward as a small press into a medium sized one with many new authors and a plan to move mainstream. Recent acquisitions include a Thai prison thriller by an excellent writer which we plan to be huge. Thom Locke’s historical thrillers are almost ready to be served. Also with have a nice horror novel Video Killer coming out any day now by screenwriter David Eisenstark. Snub Nose press author Todd Morr’s Jesus saves, Satan invests (what a title) is in the editing room and Legends of the Sexual Armed Insurrection by Eric Stoveken, a title of pure quirky pulp genius, is now for sale as a paperback as well as the kindle version. The White Flamingo continues to chart in the Amazon crime noir charts since it’s release in July and we have many more titles in the pipeline. 2014 looks like a good year for strange, dark, and pure pulp fun.

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  1. From editors to cover designers SPP seems to have all the bases covered with top-notch/helpful people ; No doubt it will only be a matter of onwards and upwards. I do hope the ‘good-year’ extends a little beyond just the strange, dark and pulp – I have a True Crime somewhere in that pipeline which is also worthy of a ‘must read’ ; especially for first time travellers to S.E.Asia !

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