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Red Night Zone


“JAMES NEWMAN writes with a flamethrower. He’s terrifically gifted, enormously energetic, and in THE WHITE FLAMINGO he builds up, layer by layer, like lacquer, the everyday reality of FUN CITY with such intensity that he creates a nightmare town so terrible that even the advent of a modern-day Jack the Ripper can only make it a tiny bit worse. Newman has serious talent, devoted (in this case, anyway) almost entirely to the noir side of life in a city that has more than its share of noir.” – Edgar nominee Timothy Hallinan

'TAKE THE Matrix red pill and then follow his detective into a world of conman, cheaters, schemers, wanderers, and the lost who scramble over women, money, and status. Newman translates their voices, failures, nightmares, and movements. He covers their community and transcript their stories into prose that matches the tempo of their hatred and madness.' – Christopher G. Moore, author of the Vincent Calvino series.

“HARD-BOILED pulp fiction pumped up to the max. A lethal cocktail of graphic violence, booze, drugs and sex. It's bright lights and dark shadows and it's certainly not for the fainthearted.” – Paul Brazill – crime noir author.

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